High School Principal's Message

Dave BowenHey Crestview! It’s time to go all out for the school year, 2021-22! Let’s Chase Excellence in all that we do!

This is our theme for the new school year, Chase Excellence! It is simply defined as the pursuit to be the best that you can be in all that you do. Strive to excel academically and in extra-curricular activities. Be cognizant of others and their efforts to do the same. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS! That’s what we do when we Chase Excellence! Through each challenge, we learn from it and grow and become better people in the process. Through each success, we encourage our students to be humble and show others the path to that success.
Our students at Crestview High School put in great effort to make the engine run that moves us forward. Students have opportunities at CHS in both the academic and extracurricular fields that I would challenge any school our size to meet. Whether it be advanced placement classes, opportunities in our music department (Knight-Vision, Jazz Band, school musicals) or an involvement in sports to name just a few, students have the opportunity to face challenges that will prepare them for what lies ahead in their lives. These experiences assist our students in achieving the competencies of our Portrait of a Graduate. We thoroughly enjoy watching our students grow over their high school careers, meeting and exceeding the competencies that encompass a graduate: being an interpersonal communicator, an integrity-driven decision maker, an informed citizen, invested worker, and innovative thinker.

In these times, we must face the challenges with a grit, a determination, a courage that heretofore has not been demanded of us. Together, we can work together and reach heights that we struggle to even fathom at the moment. Dig in, get after it, lead, and find success in the little things! We Can Do This in 2021-22! Go Knights!